... with a Purpose

I haven’t even started this blog officially, but I can’t resist hedgehogs. Maybe it’s even fitting as an introduction - “vehpus” is hedgehog written in hebrew without changing keyboards, and it’s been my online nickname since an Israeli TV Show created a “meme” song in Israel (Israel is so small, having a TV show on is enough to create a meme that still lasts today) called “Moshe, ata lo kipod” (literally - Moshe, you’re not a hedgehog).

So yeah…

I’m Moshe, and I’m currently extremely short sighted after undergoing eye surgery (and not the corrective kind). After almost two months of being stuck at home, and becoming more and more reliant on social media to stay in touch, I figured I’ll give the blog format another shot.

But there’s more to this than my boredom.

After years of having no clue what I want to do with my life, these past few weeks have finally helped my focus on a career path I want to go for in the future. This may seem like nothing but even as a kid I wasn’t able to imagine myself doing anything specific with my life, and it was always something that bothered me. 

The idea is simple - finding purpose in day to day actions we do on our computers (by computers I mean any digital interface connected to the web, and by actions I mean anything from using social media to gaming, to be clear). By “purpose” I mean something of material value (AKA money) as well as eventually (or more hopefully, concurrently) of intellectual and/or social value. 

Since I’m in the process of fleshing this idea out, I won’t start discussing it further just yet. I’ll just say that the purpose of this blog is to develop this line of thinking and catalog my research in order to get feedback, and hopefully support. I am aware that ideas can change with time, but I am very thankful for the fresh start. 

To finish off the official introduction: this blog is not my only social presence. If for some reason what I’m writing here is of further interest to you, you’re welcome to follow me on Twitter (@vehpus). If your interest is in me personally, look me up on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/vehpus) as well - my timeline should give you a good overview of who I am. If your interest is professional by nature, look me up on Linkedin (http://il.linkedin.com/in/vehpus), where you can find my updated CV, and some sample projects I’ve made in different fields. 

Finally, my interests expand beyond computing - my hobbies include music production, photography and video recording. I post these projects under my studios name - Mo-Shack Studios, in my Tumblr Portfolio (http://moshackstudios.tumblr.com), Twitter (@moshackstudios) and Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/moshackstudios).

Hope you’ll enjoy reading!

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